Painting and drawing portraits is one of my favourite thing to do in the whole world. Knowing it will be memorable & valuable to a loved-one, family or friend. I do custom painting or drawings - family portraits, pet portraits, friendships, single portraits, bridal couples etc. I offer watercolour , graphite pencil and colour pencil as a medium of choice. I also offer mini pet portrait on A5 that is done in a mix media of watercolour and colour pencil. It is a really a special gifts for birthdays, Christmas, any occasion or even for yourself.


The better the quality of your photo, the more detail I can add to you commission. I cannot draw what I cannot see and so please keep that in mind when choosing an image as well as your artwork size. I can work a little magic when you don't have one image with everybody in, but keep in mind that could affect your pricing because it affects the time I would have to spend on the portrait.. Choose an image that is well lit and of good quality. Either directly from your cameral roll or camera memory card. No blurry or pixelated images


The average turnaround time is about 2 to 3 weeks( could be earlier as well) depending on your size and medium choice and the amount of work I am currently busy with. I would never want to rush artwork but if there is an urgency, a rushed fee will be applied.

Shipping fee will be determined by the size of the artwork as well as your location. Collection is
welcome in Cape Town

Pricing will depend on the size of artwork, the amount of subject, the medium (watercolour, colour pencil, graphite ) and also the amount of detail I have to paint.


A5 (15x20cm) at R850

A4 (20x30cm) at R1200

A3 (30x40cm) at R1750

A2 (40x60cm) at R2300


A5 (15x20cm) at R950

A4 (20x30cm) at R1400

A3 (30x40cm) at R1900

A2 (40x60cm) at R2500


A5 (15x20cm) at R2000

A4 (20x30cm) at R3000

A3(30x40cm) at R4000

A2 (40x60cm) at R 5500


( A mix media of watercolour & colour pencils)

1 Subject at R400

2 Subjects at R500

3 Subjects at R600


A5 allows for 1 subject to shoulder or 2 small subjects

A4 allows for 1 subject to shoulder or 3 small subjects

A3 allows for 1-2 large subject to shoulder or 4 small subjects

A2 allows for 1-3 to shoulder subject or small subject of larger group

**Rushed fee would add a 20% onto the price**

To get an accurate quote on your portrait or commission.

Kindly send me an email with you preferred mages for a quote or if you have more questions at or click the link below.