The Sugar Swan

Candy floss with a magical twist. We offer some yummy artisan flavoured candy floss . While we do your traditional candy floss ( with our own flavours ) we are known for our unique take candy floss and bringing back the magic of it. Our cotton candy is all made in-house, all our flavours are unique.

Customise Stickers

Let us create a custom sticker for your candy floss tubs that will fit perfectly with your party/event.Either creating a sticker from your current artwork for the party or creating a design for you. R4 per sticker - if you have your own artwork.

We offer a variety of flavours

Artisan Candy Floss prices

500 ml Tub: R22.00

280 ml Tub: R15.00

Bag: R19.00

Plain Flavours

(Scroll down for list of plain flavours)

500 ml Tub: R17.00

280 ml Tub: R13.50

Bags: R16.00

Our magical flavours combos

We have so many amazing flavours, it would be hard to choose a favourite. We have our plain flavours & then our artisan candy floss which has that added magic to it. We offer our candy floss in bags or in re-usable tubs. We pride ourself in a product that not only taste magical but is aesthetically beautiful.( Ask us about our plain flavours)

1. Salted Caramel Popcorn (Brown with salter caramel popcorn)

2. Milk & Cookies (Brown with dusted chocolate cookies)

3. Mint Chocolate (Green with mint crunch)

4. Ice-Cream (White with strawberry dust and sprinkles)

5. Strawberry & Mango Sunset (Orange sprinkles)

6 Mermaid Water (Blue with sparkle)

7. Pina colada (Yellow with toasted coconut flakes)

8. Hot Chocolate (vanilla with chocolate dust and marshmallows)

9. Black Swan Vanilla (Black with sparkle)

10. Honeycomb (Light brown with honeycomb)

11. Fizzy Lemonade (White with fizzy)

12. Unicorn Poop (Pink, purple and blue with sprinkles and sparkles)

13. Rosewater (Pink with gold dusts)

14. Galaxy( Blue with purple inside, sparkles and fun)

15. Peanut Butter & Jelly (Pink with peanut brittle)

16. Milk tart (Vanilla with cinnamon)

Our plain flavours

Strawberry, Bubblegum, Blueberry, Banana, Lemonade, Pineapple, Tropical, Coconut, Mint, Marshmallow, Ice-Cream, Vanilla, Milk&Cookies, Rosewater, Passionfruit, Orange, Caramel

Let's make some magic

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